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Troubleshooting Corvette Bose Gold Systems
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Troubleshooting Your Corvette Bose Gold Systems

This Corvette Bose Gold system has six different pieces: The AM/FM/Cass and/or CD in dash, four Bose enclosures with speakers and amplifiers, and a CDM (Control Data Module) box. This CDM box is referred to as the Tuner or Receiver. You may need a voltmeter or a test light for troubleshooting. We have instructions posted to the website for Stereo, CDM, Bose Amplifier and Speaker Removal of all the equipment in this system.

How do you trouble shoot this system?  First, check all the fuses. All fuses are mentioned at our Introduction to Troubleshooting. The 1990-1992 Corvette Bose Gold system is the most troublesome.

 Setting the Clock

Turn ignition on, car stereo off. Display on car stereo should show time. Push the set button on the face of the stereo. Green light at button will illuminate. Use the tune DOWN button for HOURS, tune UP button for MINUTES.

Troubleshooting the Stereo

Customers commonly send this car stereo to the shop for repair of CD, not accepting CD's, not playing CD's and/or not ejecting CD's. This is obviously a stereo problem.

Troubleshooting Bose Enclosures and Relay

The 1990-1992 Bose amplifiers are regularly in the shop for repair. Common problems snapping, popping, squealing, loss of volume, or no volume from the speakers. When removing some Bose enclosures, you may notice a burnt electronics smell; this is definitely a bad amplifier.

Squealing from a speaker is very noticeable! This is a defective Bose amplifier.

Sound From At Least One Speaker

If at least one Bose speaker is working; the Bose enclosures are receiving their needed +12 volt signal from the relay located in the CDM box. The Bose enclosures need troubleshooting.

Remove one working Bose enclosure with it's speaker and amplifier. Plug this enclosure into other speaker positions in the car. If the enclosure works in another location, the original enclosure from that position is defective. If the speaker does not work in another position, this is a CDM problem. Continue testing all defective locations.

No Sound From All Speakers

We routinely see all four Bose amplifiers and CDM box from this Corvette in shop for repair. See further troubleshooting below.

Accessing rear speakers is easiest, compared to the front speakers, or the CDM box. Remove one rear speaker grill allowing access to a black connector with four wires attached to the face of the Bose Speaker enclosure.

A voltmeter or test light is needed for this step. You must test the BLACK and ORANGE wires. The BLACK wire is ground, the ORANGE wire is +12 volts with ignition and stereo on. If the +12 volts is not present at the ORANGE wire, you may have a CDM box problem.

This system commonly has four bad amplifiers. Testing for +12 volt power at the enclosure connector, mentioned above, removes troubleshooting a power problem to the enclosures.

If the +12 volts is present, and there is no sound at any speaker, with the stereo system on. Sometimes putting your ear close to each speaker; you may hear low volume or "white noise" (SSSHHH) sound. This indicates the loss of volume problem, commonly seen with these amplifiers.

A loud snap and/or pop sound from the speakers, usually heard when the stereo is turned on and off is another problem commonly seen with these amplifiers.

The remaining two wires in the connector mentioned above are the audio signals supplied to the amplifier. If you connect another speaker directly to these two wires to check audio, with the stereo at full volume, you may hear very low and distorted audio. This means the CDM box is supplying the signals needed for sound. If the audio is missing, this is a CDM box problem.

Checking the CDM box

This is the most difficult part of the system to troubleshoot because of it's location. The CDM box also exhibits similar problems as the Bose amplifiers.

We have instructions for the removal of the CDM box. When sending the Bose amplifiers for repair, we strongly suggest sending the CDM box too. Sending just the amplifiers may only correct 4/5 of the problems you are experiencing with your audio system.

Bose Fuse Continues to Blow
(Fuse that supplies power to Bose enclosures through relay in CDM box)

You have a shorted Bose amplifier. Disconnect all enclosures, replace fuse. Connect one Bose enclosure at a time. The fuse will blow when the shorted amplifier is connected. Disconnect shorted enclosure, replace fuse, and continue test with remaining enclosures.

Checking Bose Speakers

Bose speaker are rarely defective. It is a good idea to give the speakers a visual inspection for water or for physical damage to the paper cone. Swap suspect speakers to a known working enclosure for testing.

Bose speakers can not be replaced with aftermarket speakers. Aftermarket speakers are four ohm. Bose speakers are one to two ohm. Installing an aftermarket speaker in place of a Bose speaker automatically cuts the Bose amplifier power 1/4 to 1/2 it's original output.

How to Repair

Our repair facility is located in Longwood Florida. We are as close as your nearest UPS, FedEx or Post Office. Our normal turn-around time for repair of Bose amplifiers is 2-4 days with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Car stereos and CDM boxes have a one year warranty with a 4-8 day turn around.




(Please see before sending equipment for repair)


  We purchase BROKEN Bose system

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