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We have designed this site to help educate, you, the consumer. We hope we can show the benefits of repair rather than replacement. Please take some time to look at our site; we hope it helps you make an intelligent decision. With the success of our web site, and all your positive comments, we are always making improvement to this site and hope you find what you are looking for.

FACTORY CAR STEREO REPAIR, Inc. has been a past member of the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida 2001-2008. The BBB increased their rates and we did not renew our membership in an effort to keep repair costs at their present rate. At this time were are not renewing our membership, we prefer to let our service speak for itself, check out our website. See our "Thank You Letters" and search internet forums for a referral.

We know Car Stereo and BOSE! We restore your sound system to its original condition at an excellent value. We are dealer recommended and offer removal and installation instructions on the web and in the Orlando area, see our Car Stereo Removal pages. We have over 1500 different car stereo removal instructions on line. We have been flattered by some of our internet competition. They look to our site for reference and instruction. They have noticed hard work and a business that knows Bose. We have recognized our images an instructions on their websites.

We also offer free repair rates on line with no surprises and guarantee all of our repair work for one year on car stereo and lifetime for single channel BOSE amplifiers. If your equipment is not repairable, we do not charge for our service or return shipping. We attempt jobs such as spill damage that other services don't dare touch. Repair is a sound decision! Original equipment in most cases is more economical to repair than replace, and also maintains the vehicle's original appearance, external steering wheel controls, integrity and investment.

Free repair rates on line are based on common problems and include parts, if your car stereo problem is not listed see our Repair Rates pages or email us your question, see Frequently Asked Questions. Our labor rate is charged only once per car stereo not for each problem. We are able to recognize potential problems with your stereo at time of repair and address them. This greatly reduces the chance of future repair to your stereo and helps ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers. Hence, our longer warranties. See our referrals and thank you letters from our customers.

The purpose of our web page is to inform you of the benefits of restoring your factory car audio system, allowing you to make an educated and informed decision to repair or replace. We hope you choose repair and find our service offers the quality and service you expect.

We accept extended warranty service contracts, such as Allstate Parts and Labor Plus along with others.

Call or Email us, we do answer your questions!

Repairing car stereo since 1982.

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