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(David Letterman's got nothin' on us)

  10. We are a member of the Central Florida Better Business Bureau, our warranty on repair is equal to or greater than other repair facilities or new aftermarket car stereo. We offer two years on Bose speaker/amplifier repairs, one year on all FACTORY car stereo repairs.

  9. Factory audio equipment looks better in your car, it matches dash instrumentation and illumination. More likely NOT to be stolen because it was manufactured for your car; aftermarket stereos fit in all cars and be sure to invest in a car alarm.

  8. Easy to operate while driving. Usually larger buttons for all features. Many manufacturers incorporate steering wheel controls, and speed sensors which increase stereo volume when engine speed increases. After market stereos do not hook up to these features.

  7. A repaired factory car stereo usually lasts longer than the life of the car or longer than aftermarket stereos. How long has it lasted?

  6. Less expensive to repair than replace. (You may already have top of the line factory equipment, how do you "upgrade"?)

  5. Aftermarket replacement of your audio system also comes with an additional price - labor, kit, wire harness and any special adapters if needed.

  4. Factory car stereo equipment increases the trade-in value of your car.

  3. Factory car stereos are less likely to cause motor noise and alternator whine.

  2. Factory car stereo repair parts are usually accessible making your stereo economically repairable.

  1. Repair is a sound decision!

Okay, you can tell we do repair and not sales. But in some cases a cheaper replacement audio system makes sense.

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Car Stereo Repair Home | Car stereo removal | BOSE repair | FAQ | Shipping | Top 10 | About Us

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